Product Features

Explore the Septic Sentinel app

Simply create an account to register your device. Then, connect to your home Wi-Fi network to get started!

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Septic Sentinel caters to your preferences

Easily navigate through the menu to check the status of your septic tank and battery in various homes, pull up your septic tank history, and modify your settings the way you like them. 

Keep tabs on the septic tanks of multiple homes

Give or receive access to multiple homes’ data to stay up to date on the status of your septic tanks.  

Septic Sentinel monitors your septic tank's every move

Receive notifications on the status of your septic tank and battery. You choose when and how often you receive alerts.  

A happy septic tank means a happy home



Take care of your home’s septic tank

Check whether you’ll need to get your septic tank pumped soon, or whether your device battery is running low.

Remotely monitor your septic tank or those of others

Manage multiple homes and watch over your family and friends’ septic systems.  



Track your septic tank levels over time

Monitor your septic system throughout the year to prolong the life of your septic system and to avoid costly disasters.

 View your septic tank history

Septic Sentinel creates usage history, showing you how your septic tank is doing, and providing quantifiable data to support Title 5 certification.

Set your home address

Fill in your home information so we can immediately send a professional to your home when it’s time to get your septic tank pumped.

Set your notification levels

Enable alerts when you’re septic tank is ready to be pumped. Set the frequency of sensor checks and notifications.

Find a pro near you

Enter your zip code to find a pumper in your area. They’ll install your device or pump your septic tank when it’s ready.

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