Our Story

Here’s a story about who we are and why we do what we do 

It all started with an idea…

Our founder and CEO, Andrew, first invented Septic Sentinel after designing and installing a groundwater drainage system to protect his swimming pool, and realizing the potential for protecting homeowners from both septic disasters, and easing the stress of Title 5 at home sale and closing.

The septic unknown came to light

Andrew did some research and realized that: 

  • The most common cause of septic tank failure and septic tank overflows is poor maintenance and operation.
  • 32 million US homeowners have no way of knowing exactly when to pump out their septic tanks.
  • 20% of septic systems have failed or are failing and many homeowners don’t even know it.
  • At $20,000 each, the total expense to repair failing tanks will cost US homeowners in excess of $128 billion.

Our commitment to helping homeowners grew 

Since then, Andrew’s gathered a team that’s committed to helping homeowners easily manage their septic systems.

Here at HydroLabs, we’re dedicated to keeping homes across the world happy and safe through the use of a new monitoring device technology called, Septic Sentinel.

HydroLabs’ mission 

Everyday, we take the guesswork out of pumping, helping people save money and stay updated on the status of their tank, while also helping them more effectively manage their water and waste disposal to better take care of the environment.

Meet the HydroLabs Team 

Get to know the people behind Septic Septinel 

Andrew Gillespie 

Founder, CEO

  • Over 25 years Product design, development, and brand experience at Clarks, Reebok, A.T.Cross and Igloo Products corp, designing and commercializing product to target cost and margins.

Ken Downey 


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Jim Herrick 

Engineer, Technical Adviser

  • Professional Engineer for 25 years involved with wastewater projects and 20 years designing subsurface disposal systems (septics).
  • Owned his own business for 17 years designing site plans and subsurface disposal systems.
  • Holds an MS from Northeastern University in Environmental Engineering, and a BS from the University of New Hampshire in Civil Engineering.