Introducing Septic Sentinel

Imagine if you knew exactly when to pump your septic tank

Stay alert & avoid septic tank problems with IoT.

Septic Sentinel is a smart sensor that keeps a watchful eye on the important levels in your septic tank, providing you with regular status reports, and alerting you when it’s time to pump your septic tank.

Manage your waste disposal efficiently.

Septic Sentinel builds a record, showing you how your septic tank is doing, so that you can more effectively manage your waste and water disposal, to both prolong the life of your septic system and help avoid costly disasters.

Save money with septic tank care.

Septic Sentinel has the potential to save you money over time. Nobody really knows when you should pump your septic tank. By monitoring what’s really going on, the guesswork is removed for the cost of one pump out.

Stay smart with smart home automation

Get the lowdown on what’s down low. Septic Sentinel uses advanced LED sensor technology to automatically monitor the levels in your septic tank, and keeps you informed on what’s happening via your home Wi-Fi network.

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Know the status of your septic tank with a touch of a button

Out of sight, peace of mind. Sign in on your smart phone or computer to see the status of your septic tank: Septic Sentinel sends you alerts and tells you when your tank’s ready to be pumped.

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